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Quik UK Upgrades available in Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black.

Raptor 50 Head Combo Pack

QUK TT Head ComboQUK TT Head ComboQUK Head ComboQUK H COMBOQUK Head Combo

We are pleased to be able to offer a special combo package price on the very popular Raptor rotor head parts from Quick UK. The "combo package" contains headblock, blade grips, in-line flybar arm, flybar carrier, head button and Bell - Hiller mixer arms at a price that represents more than 20% saving. R1,890

QUK TT50 T Case

Raptor 50 Tail Case Asembly R465


QUK Washout U

Raptor 50 Washout Unit R465



QUK P Swash

Raptor 50 Precision Swash plate R575


QUK Tail GRip Assy

Raptor 50 Tail Grip Assemby R465



TT 3rd BrngQUK 3rd Brng

RAPTOR 30/50 - V2 & Titan 3rd bearing block for additional support of the drive pinion and clutch assembly Fitted over the end of the pinion this bearing locates the clutch more accurately and reduces flex under load. Reduces transmission noise and resonance problems and extends the life of existing bearings. R185

CarbsmartCARB SMART!!! Now supplied complete with alloy needle control lever. An excellent device for maintaining an optimum fuel mixture control ensuring consistent power and helping to protect your engine from damaging lean running. R550